DJ. Doran

Board Member
Doran Omnimedia, LLC
Chicago, IL 60657
10 Years
773-378-9300 ext. 501

[Day 3]
01.00 am - 02.00 pm
Theme: Our Best Mistakes in Business

Doran Omnimedia, LLC
Chicago, IL 60657

DJ’s background and experience include a 23-year military career as a United States Air Force Reserve Pilot; and a business career that spans over 25 years as CEO of multiple corporations across varied industries.

Mr. Doran has held key leadership roles throughout his career and his management and leadership qualities as CEO have given Mr. Doran a unique ability to evaluate opportunities and successfully negotiate agreements that support the mission statement of the company, board of directors and investors.  Such experience and insight has allowed Mr. Doran to work with his team toward the profitable acquisition of media assets ahead of the competition. Mr. Doran’s commitment to social justice and community involvement led him to acquire the oldest and largest LGBTQ newspaper in the Midwest called The Word.

As publisher/editor-in-chief he has led the turnaround of the newspaper from a tabloid rag to a respected newspaper with journalistic integrity.  The Word was renamed KWIR Magazine in 2017 and became a national publication headquartered in Chicago.  Mr. Doran continues to be actively involved with the local/national LGBTQ community as well as an ambassador to the business and political leaders of Chicago and beyond.

Formal education includes an BS in Computer Science from Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX; a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from SUNY at Purchase. In addition to the above, Mr. Doran has completed significant leadership and management certifications throughout his business and 23 year career in the United States Air Force