General Member
General membership is open to print publications with at least one year of operation and have 51% or more LGBT owners and/or employees. Online publications must have at least 20,000 monthly unique visitors for the previous 12 months and must produce substantial original content. Each General Membership is entitled to one voting member and up to two additional representatives. A single company owning more than one publication or group of interlinked publications or websites shall be entitled to a maximum of three general member votes, so long as dues are paid for each separate publication. Dues are paid in any calendar year for that year and must be paid before the annual conference, generally held in October.
only $299
Supporting Member
Supporting members are open to supporters of LGBT media. They may be national corporations, multinational corporations, and multilateral organizations. Related Business: This category is open to advertising agencies, news agencies, public relations firms, suppliers, printers and other service providers to the LGBT media industry. Individual Supporters: This category is open to “friends of NEMA” who support the LGBT media industry: Publishing professionals (journalists, writers, bloggers, photographers, graphic artists, designers, and marketing professionals), professors and students. Supporting members are not entitled to vote or hold office.