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NEMA media outlets cater to LGBTQ demographic that spent nearly $1 trillion in 2015


NEW YORK — The National Equality Media Association (NEMA) launched today as the country’s only nonprofit serving LGBTQ media partners. NEMA serves as the digital and social window to a thriving demographic.


Many companies are realizing the LGBTQ community as a massive growth market. According to Bloomberg, LGBTQ adults spent more than $900 billion last year. With advertiser support from Fortune 500 brands, NEMA has established media relationships in the top 25 media markets, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Houston, Chicago, New York and Miami.


“We’ve always believed the gay community had spending power and we now have the numbers to prove it,” said NEMA President & Co-Chair Jerry Cunningham. “LGBTQ media buys have led to great ROI for a handful of corporations, but if media buyers are looking at these numbers, LGBTQ media should be part of every business’ marketing strategy.”


NEMA is a beacon at the forefront of digital media platforms, where many LGBTQ citizens shine as trailblazers.


According to Facebook, more than 6 million U.S. users identify as LGBT, and influencers are finding dedicated followings on Millennial-focused social channels such as YouTube, Periscope and Snapchat. NEMA membership now represents traditional media as well as key social channels and mobile.


“For decades, our community primarily communicated through gay media.” Cunningham said. “Along the way, we’ve built a powerful 360° media network in order to engage our audience through multiple media channels — expanding our reach and frequency, while catering to the media habits of our community.”


Born out of a desire to connect media partners that cater to the LGBTQ community, NEMA is the trusted national association representing their growing and thriving presence of LGBTQ media.


About NEMA:

NEMA is the nation’s only nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting LGBTQ media outlets. NEMA partners cover national and local LGBTQ issues, as well as opinion, arts and culture, sports and entertainment. Visit NEMA’s new website at



Jerry Cunningham, NEMA President & Co-Chair



Melanie Davis, NEMA Co-chair




The LGBTQ community is seeing an exponential surge in affirmative visibility. Favorable political rulings and a growing sum of “out” celebrities contribute in LGBTQ individuals proudly self-identifying and expecting brands to embrace them just as much. Marketers should prioritize inclusivity, take note of the growing spending power, integrate appropriate messaging and—with the help of Motivate’s population projection dataset—segment the community’s most thriving neighborhoods and nearby retailers, in addition to the media consumed.

Knowing the location and population projections of LGBTQ consumers from a macro-to-micro level, Motivate can hyper-target messaging near a retailer’s location, customizing strategy and driving results at a local level. Motivate’s analytics and data visualization team developed an interactive dashboard displaying zip codes with the highest concentration of LGBTQ households in relation to one of the largest specialty retailers in the U.S. The fast fashion retailer caters to men and women with more than 600 stores in operation.

Marketers can make use of the interactive dashboard in the following ways:

– Navigating the map to find stores where LGBTQ consumers are two to three times more likely to shop—such is the case in the Palm Springs stores

– Select stores with higher index of LGBTQ consumers to only target these neighborhoods

– Work through media layers—which include social, digital and print—to estimate reach

– See where the highest concentration of the LGBTQ adult population lives and divided by male and female

Motivate is the leading specialized media partner in the U.S. for reaching the LGBTQ community through authentic, relevant and targeted media. You need a trusted media partner that understands the impact of changing demographics and helps you navigate the marketing maze. We understand the nuances and intricacies of the LGBTQ market and have the resources and expertise to ensure maximum buying power, impact and ROI.

For more granular-level data on the LGBTQ community or custom built insights for your clients and brands, email



Motivate, the leading specialized media partner in the United States, released its 2015-16 LGBT population projection dataset. The geospatial analytics that Motivate provides for millennial segmentations, Hispanic, African American, Asian and other growth markets, can now be attained for the LGBT community. This includes population projections and detailed portraits that reveal the locations of target LGBT consumers at macro (DMAs) and micro (zip codes) geographies.


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“Working with clients and agency partners, our job is to help answer the questions of why and where,” said Trevor Hansen, CEO of Motivate. “Many clients have been asking us how to market size the LGBT community, what retail locations should be ‘traited’ for these consumers and for relevant and dedicated messaging. Now, we can help answer these questions by having the only LGBT population projection in the market. This community is a powerful market and we are proud to be able to exclusively deliver the attention and detail it deserves and marketers demand.”

Complete LGBT data projections and analysis will be available to Motivate’s agency partners and clients. For more information concerning custom built LGBT insights for your clients and brands, please contact us at or 866.664.44332.


About Motivate

Motivate is the leading specialized media partner in the United States. We deliver relevant media activation for today’s growth markets: Multicultural, LGBTQ, Millennial, Moms, Military and Mature. Motivate combines data-driven insights with the proven effectiveness of targeted media to drive measurable ROI. Our expertise is leveraged by Fortune-500 clients and major advertising agencies. We are proud to be a WBENC certified company. For more information about Motivate, please visit or call 866.664.4432.